Box Making Automatic Gluing Machine

Automatic  Gluing Machine With 2 Feeder

Paper gluing machine with auto two feeders is mainly used for the gluing of different thickness of paper, paperboard, special paper, paper box, carton box, corrugated box, note book making, paperboard puzzle, instead of manual gluing, improve the efficiency of work.The gluing machine is the special equipment or paper products to do gluing, which is widely used in printing and packaging, paper box,carton, book cover making and Fabric sample volume producing industry.

1. Automatic feed is applicable to various paper sizes;

2. Adjustable roller makes the glue evenly coat the paper surface;

3. Circulating water tank with temperature control system to ensure the suitable viscosity of glue;

4. Conveyor belt device and suction system will stably absorb paper to make it move forward.



Double feeder glue machine.png

  • Technical Parameters:


    Paper Thickness:80-200gsm
    Paper Min width:800mm
    Paper Max length:165-800mm
    Speed:0-40 pcs/min
    Weight:1100 kg
    Machine size:5500*1800*1250mm


    glue machine with position function.jpg



    big box.jpg

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