Gift Box making Forming Wrapping machine

This semi auto box wrapping machine with servo automatic rigid paper box forming machine is the ideal processing equipment rigid box, box. First, Inner box bottom paste with surface paper, then fix the product on the mold of the forming machine by hand, different size box with different mod, then automatic four side pasting, folding, and bubble pressing. Hardcover box can greatly improve the production efficiency.


  • Rigid Box Forming/Wrapping Machine


    Machine with servo pneumatic, PLC control.

    Machine is debugged by man-machine interface is simple and easy to adjust the selection.

    Machine all control parts adopt international high-end brands, low failure, high precision.

    Machine with touch the emergency stop switch, such as an emergency press automatic stop.

    Forming Parts:

    This parts can achieve several actions, pasting the four side sheet, folding corner, front and hind folding, pressing, left and right folding, pressing and then separated box output.

    Each actions finished by the cylinder and also can setting the action lasting time, which are quick and high precision.

    forming part.png

    Pasting. Four round brush insure pasting cover papers on the square box four sides, especially some box deep folding or with high height.


    Mold: Plastic or wood material for oprtion which can be make mold


    Technical parameters:

    Model Name:KP-540
    Box max size:500*400*150mm(L*W*H)
    Box min size:60*60*10mm(L*W*H)
    Edge folding depth:10-80mm
    Machine size:1000*1300*2300mm
    Weight:800 kgs


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