Rigid Box Automatic Grooving Machine

This machine can make V grooving for 2 direction in one pass on different maeterial, such as industry-cardboard, Ash-cardboard, MDF board and other several of cardboard, the material thickness from 1mm to 4mm, to make it suitable for box or other packaging products. 

The machine help you to make high quality rigid box, gift box,  hardcover, shoe box.etc


  • KP1000C Automatic Bidirectional V Grooving Machine 



         Grooving machine belongs to the gift box package production line equipment. The machine is special designed for notching V type groove, use for industry-cardboard, Ash-cardboard, MDF board and other several of cardboard, to make it suitable for box or other packaging products.

         The machine composed of two grooving part and conveyor belts connected together. Its crosswise and lengthwise V grooving at once with high efficient. It adopts new way of transportation principle, wrap the cardboard on the entire surface of the roller(The diameter is 60cm), which can guarantee the groove more accurately, straightly and no deviation. The machine has the features of high accuracy, fast speed and durable cutting blade.

    Machine Feature:

    1. Simple Operation, Easy adjustment

    2. 1 pass to get the final V grooving product of 2 direction 

    3. Double correct device, it can adjust according to the paper thickness and size.

    4. Easy to adjust the grooving degrees and V groove effect smooth, with no dust.

    5. The wasted corners and the finished product are transported to the corresponding station of each other.

    Technical Parameters:



    Width of Paper Board


    Length of Paper Board


    Groove Gap (between two grooves)


    Thickness of paper Board


    Knife angle

    80-140° Adjustable

    Knife material

    Tungsten steel

    Knife shape

    V shape grooving 

    Total grooving knife

    5 pieces

    Grooving Speed



    6.0KW/380V/3 phase

    Machine weight


    Machine Dimension




    big box.jpgSJAH`YE%6GS)F[@V((4N[5S.jpg

    big box 02.jpgbig box 03.jpg

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