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Rigid Box wrapping machine

This box wrapping machine with adjustable mold automatically,which is the ideal processing equipment for different type box making, such as rigid box, jewelry box, gift box, luxury box, shoe box and other package box.It is simple operate, high quality, input the parameters on the screen with the production, directly adjust the mold automatically.


1. Adopt cantilever strucutre , PLC control with touch screen.

2. Double servo driver with double drive operation.

3. To make the box in one time through forming,folding edge, hemming and pressure bubble function.

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    Model Name:KP-520A
    Box max size:520*420*120mm(L*W*H)
    Box min size:60*80*15mm(L*W*H)
    Edge folding depth:10-80mm
    Machine size:1500*1200*2060mm
    Weight:1000 kgs


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