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Fully Automatic Wine box Making Machine

This machine is using servo drive, photosensitive recognition,visual image positioning,mechanical arm correction, automatic completion of paper feeding, glue,drying,cardboard automatic feeding, positioning,triple folding, automatic molding process, high accuracy, fast, wine box shape appearance, which is the majority of print packaging colleagues mass production wine box and some specifications.


1. This machine adopts segmented vertical double mode connection mechanism.

2. This machine is used the four side shell mechanism which can be switched randomly between automatic size of the surface paper and connection between automatic positioning mechanism and forming mechanism, the relative service life is also long.

3. This machine use double-mode mechanism, which is easy to operate and adjustment, two molds alternately, easy to input the corresponding parameters on the screen and adjust the folding plate and overall pressure plate which can completely the hole mold change processing.

4. This is Automatic Wine box production line, included the automatic positioning unit, automatically assemble unit, wine box molding unit and automatic wine box pressure(which can optioned)

5. The Whole line system is controlled by automatic program, simple operation, automatic fault alarm and screen automatic prompt fault area.

  • Parameters:

    NameFully Automatic Wine Box Making machine
    Max product size170*170*350mm
    Min product size90*90*180mm
    Cardboard thickness1mm-- 3.0mm
    Paper thickness120-250gsm
    Machine size12000*3000*1800mm
    Machine weight5600kg
    Position accuracy±0.2mm
    Number of lift table paper1500-2000 sheets


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