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Automatic Magnet Sticking machine

It is automatic drilling hole,glue unit and magnet pasting machine, it is used for making book-type box,folding box,gift box and hardcover box with metal sheet.

Machine Characteristics:

1.  Safety Cover, PLC control,simple operation, one worker operate, it can save many workers and improve the production capacity.  

2.Automatic drill hole as half cut, instead of manually working, improve production speed and quality, save a lot of workers and reduce labor intensity.

3. Automatic feeding case, automatic drilling hole, gluing and pasting magnet on the cardboard.

4. It will be use high temperature glue, dry fast, no remove, no need waiting for drying, it will be never move of the strong magnetic.

5.Magnet high position, quickly speed, 25-30pcs/min

  • Parameters:

    Cardboard Max size:620x500mm(if need big size, can customized)
    Cardboard Min size:200x100mm
    Glue volume:1mg-200mg
    Glue type:Hot melt
    Machine precision:±0.05mm
    Numbers of metal sheet:1 or 2pcs
    Round Metal Diameter:8-20mm
    Min distance of Magnet:95mm
    Max distance of Magnet:460mm
    Speed:25-30 pcs/min
    Total Power:6.5 KW
    Machine weight:1000 kg
    Machine size:3000x1200x1700mm
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